Nick Oke



The other half of the ‘Two Nicks’ is co-founder Nick Oke.

Working alongside Nick Sedgwick in the Residential Technology market now for over 11 years, Nick has a wealth of experience in the sales, design and technology side of the business. Originally a PGA Golf Professional, which led him to meet Nick Sedgwick, a passion for technology has helped to drive Cre8tive Rooms into some of the markets they are today. On a day to day basis Nick works on the design and specification of systems as well as the operational side of delivering projects. Also working very closely with Jim, our technical director to constantly investigate new technologies.

When not working

… you will find Nick in an aeroplane or talking about one! Nick gained his pilots license last year regularly tipping around the country at the weekend. He is also a keen cook and getting into filmmaking, documenting his flying adventures.