London Screening Room – The Power of 4k Short Throw Projection

Nick Oke|


Cre8tive Rooms were approached by a development in Covent Garden. The brief to design and install a new Screening Room for residents. Working alongside Alexander James Interiors we produced a fabulous room utilising the latest 4k UHD Ultra Short Throw Projector.

The physical room was wide and shallow, with low ceilings. This makes the use of a standard ceiling mounted projector almost impossible to use. Not only would the aesthetics of the room be ruined, but residents sitting in the Sofa may have experienced shadowing on the screen.


The Sony VPL-VZ1000ES was selected and can be seen sitting directly under the screen producing an amazing 120 inch 4K image. Laser technology means the unit has over 50000 hours of use maintenance free, and is incredibly quiet.

Sound is powered by Artcoustic Speakers of Denmark using their Architect 4-2 Ceiling speaker series combined with 2 x Impact amps sitting both sides of the media unit.

Control 4 Automation pulls the system together  with all equipment being controlled through the easy to use iPad app.


We absolutely love this technology. Ultra Short Throw projectors offer a very viable solution for Multi use Media Rooms. We are being asked for this style of room more and more rather than the traditional Cinema Room. With technology available as good as this long may it continue.


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