Full Home Automation on Luxury Development in Dorset

Tash Ware|


Working alongside Excellare, we fitted a full Smart Home Automation system on a stunning luxury development in Canford Cliffs, Dorset. We have installed a full Savant smart home automation system, a highly regarded brand within the technology industry where you can access and manage your home via an easy to use app or simple remote control.

Multi-room Audio

Speakers have been specifically designed and installed into the ceilings and walls ensuring audio can be distributed across all rooms in the house.

Home Wifi

The latest in network technology has been installed throughout so we can ensure the Wifi is running to its full potential in order for the smart home functions to perform accordingly, giving seamless access to the internet across the whole house.

Multi-room Video

The houses benefit from distributed Video throughout. This allows the home owner to access multiple sources of entertainment from any television.

Lighting Control

Rako lighting control has been installed throughout the houses to create the perfect environment. It is simplistic, easy to use and fits perfectly with the contemporary house build and interiors.


CCTV has been installed enabling this is be viewed from a smart device. A highly beneficial tool in keeping these luxurious properties safe.

The development marries iconic architecture with the natural contours and features of the land to create an environment of unmatched beauty.

At one with their surroundings, these remarkable houses embrace and complement their setting. Floor to ceiling glass seamlessly integrates inside and out, while the ever-changing seasons provide a dramatic backdrop to everyday life.

An uncompromised expression of individuality, where breath taking architecture unites with exceptional interior design, culminating in a unique collection of homes that blur the boundaries between the natural world and the man-made.

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