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Cre8tive Rooms offer the ultimate in Home Racing

Our Hyper Race Simulators offer an amazing real life racing experience from the comfort of your own home.

They can be operated as standalone with either a single or three screen set up. If you have a home theatre or big screen, they can be easily connected and then you are racing on a massive screen!

The closed cockpit race pods allow the driver to race the latest tracks and cars from all over the world whilst sitting in a fully functional race environment.

DRS and driver aids are operated from the steering wheel as you need that power boost
to set your best time round Silverstone. Driver aids can be turned on but as racing-theconcept-sim
you become more professional you will want to start reducing these.

Race at all the latest Formula One circuits from Abu Dhabi to Spa.
You can race from a massive choice of F1, Sports-Cars and Super Cars.

Take a trip down memory lane and drive some classic sports and racing
cars. Imagine driving a a 1970 911 round Le Mans or a 2004 F1 Car round Brands Hatch!

The systems are easy to store when not being used. They have a small footprint and fold in half for storage.
Immerse yourself in the Racing World as you try and beat the real times of the professional racers!


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  • The Hyper Simulators are available as factory built models with Hyper PC controls. The chassis replicates the driving position of a racing cockpit.

    • Chassis are finished in stunning oven baked high gloss 2-pack paint.
    • No flying elbows in this racing seat, Extreme models come with a carbon fiber interior or can be specified with optional leather trim.
    • Real racing wheel, which slides forward and back and up and down for the perfect position.
    • Gear change paddles either side of the steering wheel and programmable buttons to customise your racing experience.


  • Highly accurate components are used to create a ‘real’ racing driving experience.

    The leather padded steering wheel has aluminium paddle shift. The wheel has programmable buttons, systems are set up to allow you to engage DRS and KERS during a race and also control the entire game using the wheel, a keyboard or mouse is not necessary.

    The sensitivity of the wheel is second to none, this can be customised in the software down to the finest detail to provide a real race feel.

    The drilled aluminium pedals provide force feedback, more than simply buttons, they give greater resistance under increasing pressure so you can build up a ‘feel’ for braking to avoid locking the brakes and flat spotting your tyres.

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The Hyper Simulator Race Control Software by Hyper Simulators is used, however any racing game can be used that links with our technology.

We supply all our systems with a choice of F1 2016, Project Cars and rFactor, although Project Cars is the true favourite!

Multiplayer games can be set up to race pod against pod if two or more are purchased, or join Windows Online games showing off your skills against other drivers around the world.


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